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Shin Akwai Kaman Ceceniya Ko Banbanci Tsakanin Jihadin Shehu Dan Fodio dana Boko Haram?

Originally written by Mubarak Bala for on the 7th of May 2017. 

A lokuta da dama, a kowacce al'umma, akan sami masu ikirarin kawo chanji, ko na siyasa, ko na addini, ko al'ada, ko na tattalin arziki. Haka abin yake a addinin Islama, wanda hadisai suke nuni da cewa annabi yace an umarce shi da ya yaqi mutane har sai sun shaida babu abin bautawa da gaskiya sai Allah.

Ya zamo al'ada a musulunce, idan an sami al'umma da bata bi addinin ba, da ayi mata aike na wa'azantarwa, zuwa ga bin abin bautar musulmi, idan al’ummar taqi, akwai zabi, ko ta miqa wuya ta zauna karkashin daular Islama, ta biya harajin jizya, wai shi haraji na dhimmi, ko kuwa a far mata da jihadi, kamar yadda ya faru a garuruwa irinsu Khaybar da Hunaynu, a zamanin da.

Shekaru dari biyu da suka wuce, (1804) a yammacin Sudan, an sami malami da ya kamanta hakan, da sunan jihadi na jaddada addini bayan yayi zargin cewa dagutanci ya shigo ya surka imanin mutane, inda ya tara almajirai mabiya, ya basu t…
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Northern Nigerian Muslims and Global Jihadism

Originally written by someone brave, who due to security reasons prefer to remain anonymous.
On Monday the 22nd of May 2017, Salman Ramadan Abedi, a 22-year-old Briton of Libyan ancestry, detonated an improvised explosive device as concertgoers were leaving an indoor arena in Hunts Bank, Manchester, England. Twenty-three people, including Abedi, were killed and approximately 120 were injured. If you are in Nigeria, especially northern part of the country, you may have witnessed several attacks like this in the last years. Although they have subsided in recent times, every now and then one terror attack or another is reported in Northeastern Nigeria. Once again, open condemnations from muslims and non-Muslims have followed the Manchester suicide bombing. Once again, embarrassed muslims (and liberal non-muslims) have come out to show how terrorism has no place in Islam. However, many people disagree and some are polite (or fearful) about this disagreement, including powerful leaders. 

The Almajiri System

Originally posted on: Affairs of Our Nation Saturday September 1st, 2012.

‘Isn’t there present among you, a single good Man!?’No society or nation would prosper, when the so-called elite, do not think for the less endowed majority. Society term all above the age of forty as wise, but I see no wisdom in my society, none in my nation. For how could there be, in a society that condones a system that rots the lives of its children, a staggering 10 million of them (Fed. Min. of Education, 2011 estimate), currently, not to talk of those that grew out of it, and babies yet admitted. Regrettably, apparently everyone had turned a blind eye.

When did a sophisticated system, well intentioned, divert so dismally? I say this is not Islam, because if it were, it would have been practiced in Mecca, Medina, Tehran, Basra, Cairo, Damascus, Dubai, Jakarta or Islamabad. This practice is unique only to black Africa, West Africa to be precise, and where it grinds most; Northern Nigeria, with an estimated po…


Islam is sacrosanct in Northern Nigeria. Suffice to say that denouncing the religion can come with dire consequences. It’s just not something you do. Last year, a young man named Mubarak Bala from Kano bravely did just that. He announced he was an atheist and humanist, and rejected Islam. This came with serious consequences, including alienation from family and friends, physical assaults and death threats. It’s been over a year since this happened and TIA wanted to speak to Mubarak to hear what he had to say and to see how he was doing.

TIA: Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Mubarak Bala: I’m a chemical engineer. I was born in Kano State, northern Nigeria in the mid 80s. I attended the Saudi funded Islamic Foundation Aliyu Bin Abi Talib primary school. I was trained in the Wahhabi Islamic thought, with a jihad ideology. I later attended an all-Muslim private science secondary school, Hassan I. Gwarzo, in Kano State, where Islamic (Qur’anic) study is given a very …

The Murder of Mrs Bridget Agba is Islamic Terrorism

Sad as it is, Nigerians have found themselves latched-up, in a moment in history, where they are held in a trance, in a state of mind that diminishes the reasoning faculty of our brains, largely due to ignorance, intolerance, and blackmail by ancient, mythical, and imaginary monsters called gods. In this modern world, our people would try to kill their own children, to please these nonexistent mythical beings and make it to valhalla, where they imagine, they can engage in a ever-happening sex, with imaginary virgins.

They are victims of a perpetual system of terror and barbaric culture, and would never notice how it turns them into terrorist-lovers, helpers, and enablers. Sadly, we cannot help them, because their slavery is not physical, it is mental, and they have decided to perpetuate themselves in it, locking up their brains from ever absorbing modernity, or real education. Further, they try hard to shove it down on their children, and the innocent, to spread its reach, just as vir…